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So tired right now. 

Then I think you should go to bed.

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I actually just got a text from an unknown number saying R.I.P, like one how could I have answered your damn text if I was dead and two couldn’t WWE have come up with a better title than eulogy? I fucking love my life though 

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Surprise Visit || Alicia & Dean (future para) 


"My award is getting to leave that locker room and coming to see my babes. Yea there are babes and I think the number one reason is I get to see my babes, even if it’s for a short time I can remember tonight when I start missing you again. Babes, I think every female across the world that has seen those pictures were thinking it, I wasn’t the only one. I’m just the only one that really gets to do it." She laughed lightly. "I know you do babes but I told him that you were supporting your family and you weren’t away by choice and I think he understands." She smiled then kised the side of his head when he sighed. She watched him get out of bed then looked at him curiously when he started digging through her suitcase. She smiled when she realized what he was getting then followed him with her eyes as he walked over to the bed and cralwed over to her as she continued to smile. She smiled wider when he pushed her back on the bed and looked up at him as he climbed on top of her. She looked in his eyes as he rubbed his cheeks then smiled as she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"Thats an award for me as well since when I see you coming to me down the hall its the best award I could ever get. Yeah thats the best reason in my mind as well because I couldn’t of done with not seeing you and not being able to touch you and everything for another two weeks, thats too much. I’m glad you’re the only one that gets to do it considering you’re like the most attractive woman gods ever put on this earth and everything! I hope he understood because I know he’s just a little baby but… I don’t know it just kills me to think that when I finally do get to see him he’ll just look at me and not have any response, like he’s totally forgot who I am. I don’t know how much babies his age remember." He looked down but then a smile came across his face when she kissed the side of his head. He continued kissing her and didn’t want to ever pull back, he wanted to stay like that forever with her. As he continued kissing her he moved his hands from her cheeks and wrapped his arms around her body tightly "I love you so much." He said through the kiss. 

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Surprise Visit || Alicia & Dean (future para) 


"I actually liked him as a wrestler but yea he did need a decent storyline and not to just be thrown into everything. Trust me babes I’m in that divas locker room almost every day and I can confirm we are a very rare breed. Well I’m glad I’m not going to risk being squeezed to death by you so it was actually good for my health and well being that I came to see you tonight. As soon as I saw some of those pictures from you in the desert I immediately wanted to run to you and strip you naked then run my tongue up your naked body but then had I to remember you were across the country. I would love you no matter what baby." She smiled. "I will have an orgasm just for you babes." She laughed. "They went as good as can be expected. He’s was okay after a few hours. As soon as they were done I gave him some baby Tylenol and his stuffed animal then we went straight home and took a nap together."

"I know you did. Yeah you’d know better than anyone about those stuck up divas and I’d be giving you awards every time you walked out the locker room for having to deal with them. Theres a lot of other good reasons for you coming here to see me but that one is definitely up there. That would’ve been real nice and I think I would’ve tempted to fly all the home just for that if I knew what you were thinking. D’aw, ditto." He smiled. "Good, I still wish I could’ve been there. God I miss him so much." He sighed. After he’d watched Alicia from the corner of his eye eat the last bits of her food he got up out of bed and walked to her suitcase he’d noticed in the corner of the room. He lay it down on the floor and knelt down in front of it as he opened the zipper. When it was open he immediately saw what he was looking for a got their blanket out. He walked back over to the end of the bed and looked at her for a second before crawling over to her. He slowly took the plate for her and placed it on the cart then got between her legs and pushed her backwards on the bed so that he could get on top of her. When their bodies touched he put the blanket over them and then over their heads so it was really like they were in their own little bubble. He placed his hands on her cheeks and rubbed them for a few seconds as he looked into her eyes then leaned forward and kissed her slowly as he continued rubbing her cheeks. 

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Surprise Visit || Alicia & Dean (future para) 


"I didn’t know he was done wrestling, I just thought he was out with a injury. Oh well. I don’t really care anyway. I could never become stuck up babes, if becoming a wwe diva didn’t make me stuck up nothing will." She laughed lightly. "I know, cuddling always shows how much I appreciate your cuteness and ‘aw’ just doesn’t show my appreciation like cuddling the shit out of you does. Holy shit babes you’re so sexy and you standing in the middle of the desert just made everything ten times sexier. Good because as much as I would love fat Dean this Dean is just so fucking sexy I wouldn’t want to see him go." She laughed. "I didn’t say I faked them, I just said I was having sex to keep you happy until you can give me bacon." She grinned. "Yea we are because I couldn’t sit around watching videos of you all day without my missing you getting way worse. It’s easier for me to just try to take my mind off of missing you." She said. She smiled when she felt his fingertips tracing on her thigh then looked up at him for a second before she looked backdown at her plate as she continued to eat.

"Yeah apparently but either way I’m just glad he’s gone for a while because he’s a shitty wrestler and they just threw him in matches and the matches are always garbage. True and I think you’re the rare breed of divas who are actually down to earth. I’m just glad that now I get to show you how much I appreciate your cuteness and I didn’t have to wait until the end of September to do it because there would’ve been a slight chance of being squeezed to death by me after a month of not seeing you. Well thanks and my ego is slowly raising the more you’re talking so please go on. Its always good to know that you’d still love me fat in case when I’m older I decide to let myself go but I knew that anyway." He laughed with her. "You better have an orgasm when you bite into that bacon if thats all I’m around for." He smirked. "How did the shots go with JJ? Was he alright?" He wondered. 

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The Shield getting off a helicopter

#or in other words the day I used Alicia's shampoo and the world exploded ;) #facebrose*

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Surprise Visit || Alicia & Dean (future para) 


"Trust me babes, nothing is going to ruin tonight and I’m so over that especially after the way he acted. Definitely a career to think about when my time is up in the WWE." She said as she continued to laugh. "I know right! I feel like a smile doesn’t show how much I really apprecaite your cuteness. Shut up." She said as she continued to laugh as well. "Don’t worry babes, I’ll love fat Dean just as much as I love normal Dean. More cushion for the pushing as they say." She laughed. "Well I’m only fucking you to keep you happy but when you’re the right size I’m taking you straight to slaughter for bacon." She laughed. "Aw, that’s so cute babes. I honestly can’t watch videos of you when I’m missing you, it makes me miss you more." She smiled then continued to eat as she started to flip through the channels.

"Alright well honestly I’m kind of glad to hear it and I’m also glad that he’s done wrestling so I don’t have to see his face again. I guess it is but if you start acting stuck up after a year or so in the job like most of those people do I’m making you quit or I’ll go in there and quit for you." He continued laughing as well. "Yeah exactly and I have to sit there and try to think of something to say that would show you how I appreciated it but most of the time I’m not that good with words, I’d much rather just jump through the screen and cuddle the shit out of you. I’m not getting fat I can assure you of that because of the ‘lordy’ and the ‘unf’ comments you made about that little desert workout video it gives me a sign I’m doing something right so theres no ‘cushion for the pushing’." He laughed. "Oh is that how it is? You do a hell of a job of faking those orgasms if its just for my happiness, especially that one just." He winked. "We’re definitely the complete opposite about that since I need to see you because if I don’t I just miss you more and more and more but the videos fill a little hole, not big enough for me to not miss you anymore but for the amount of time the video lasts I guess I just zone out and pretend I’m with you." He smiled. When he’d finished his first burger he looked at her for a second and then randomly just started tracing his fingertips up her thighs slowly as he looked back at the TV as she flicked through the channels. 

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Good now I have a day to count down too!

Yeah I’m just marking the days until I can see you guys again

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Yes please learn boundaries.